Requirements and Benefits

Membership to this Association is open to applicants who are engaged and working in Battery Manufacturing Industry or related fields and who agree to the main outline and vision of this Association. Members of this Association are able to participate in the activities of or receive the services of this Association.

Please refer here for the Association Rules of the Indian Battery Manufacturers Association (IBMA).

Rights of Members

  • Shall have one vote at every meeting.
  • Shall be entitled to participate in the meeting and the gathering of the Society.
  • Shall have the right to inspect the books of accounts, minutes of proceedings of the General Body meeting during working day during business hours and giving reasonable notice.
  • Shall be bound by the Rules and Regulations and/or bye-laws which may be framed from time to time.
  • To administer the oath of the office and loyalty of the Society and/or to its constitution, to the President.
  • To conduct elections for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and other members of the Governing Body.