Sl. No. Names Position Representatives of
1. Sh. Vijayanand Kumar Samudrala President Amara Raja Batteries Limited
2. Sh.  Arun Mittal Vice President Exide Industries Limited
3. Sh. Sivaramakrishnan Ramachandra Secretary Independent / Self
4. Sh. Ashish Pandey Treasurer Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited
5. Sh. Arush Gupta Member Okaya Power Private Limited
6. Sh. Ravi Kumar Govindan Member Microtex Energy Private Limited
7. Sh. Kalyana Sundaram Suresh Member HBL Power Systems Limited
8. Sh. K C Pradhan Member Livguard Batteries Private Limited
9. Sh. Saravana Kumar Member Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited


S.NoNamesTerms of ReferenceMembers
1.Core Committee

To vet and authenticate all the proposals all the proposals for consideration of the Governing Body on a consensus basis.

  1. Sh. Subir Chakraborty – Chairman
  2. Sh. Vijayanand Kumar Samudrala
  3. Sh. Vipul Sabharwal
2.Executive Committee

To drive membership enhancement, conduct programmes/events and engage with all the stakeholders of the battery industry.

  1. Sh. S. Ramachandra – Chairman
  2. Sh. Ravi Kumar Govindan
  3. Sh. Ashish Pandey
3.Regulatory Affairs Committee

To ensure timely accounting, compliance and audit.

  1. Sh. Jitendra Kumar – Chairman
  2. Sh. Kalyana Sundaram Suresh
  3. Sh. Ashish Pandey
  4. Sh. S. Ramachandra
4.Government Affairs Committee

To interact and engage with government authorities & media on policy matters impacting battery industry.

  1. Sh. Vijayanand Samudrala – Chairman
  2. Sh. Arun Mittal
  3. Sh. Naresh Kumar Singhal
  4. Sh. S. Ramachandra
5.Technical Standards Committee

To promote scientific research in battery industry, innovate new technology, research and recommend the industry for best practices and adopt new technical standards as made mandatory by the regulators.

  1. Sh. Amlan Kanti Das – Chairman
  2. Dr. Dipak Sen Chowdhary
  3. Mr. Mohandasa Shetty
  4. Mr. M Jagadish
  5. Sh. S. Ramachandra